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A data driven and highly technical executive, team builder, and program developer with nearly 14 years of progressive experience in cloud security/governance/architecture, enterprise information technology and security engineering. Expertise in cloud security and architecture, enterprise architecture, enterprise technology, risk management, and security program development. A demonstrated ability to focus on data driven decision making to improve efficiencies, develop teams, and measure success. Repeated experience establishing cross organizational teams and building programs in large enterprise environments including cloud governance, risk management, security architecture and devsecops teams.

Skilled at building business cases around risk decisions and technology adoption and transformation and providing leadership to teams and individuals executing on that strategy.


"Force Multiplier" is the best phrase I could use to describe Andrew...he excels at building teams and motivating others to pursue a collective goal...I was particularly impressed with Andrew's ability to juggle so many things, remaining a high performer, and still staying engaged with everyone his teams. Andrew is one of the best leaders I have come across, capable of building transparent & high performing teams.
Former Employee
Currently Senior Consultant at Microsoft
[Andrew] built a team, organization, and culture of diversity and inclusiveness and genuinely cared about those that worked for and with him.
Former Employee
Currently AWS Sr. Solution Architect


A few examples of presentations I have given.
Windows Event Log Collection & Mgmt

Central Alabama ISSA 2017

Security in Healthcare

North Alabama Healthcare Coalition - 2017


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The Capital One Breach And What We Should Really Be Talking About
I’m not going to try and write anything regarding the attack vector, Erick Johnson did that well here: https://ejj.io/blog/capital-one I’m not going to give an executive overview, Krebs did that well here: https://krebsonsecurity.com/2019/08/what-we-can-learn-from-the-capital-one-hack/ I really just…
#Spectre and #Meltdown – What do we do?
Seems like now about every 6 months or so every asks this same question about some new vulnerability.  The answer should be the same, do the same thing you should have been doing before…